2Bubbles Coaches are all trained to help your little ones achieve the latest SwimSafer Awards.  SwimSafer is an all-new program to teach children proper stroke techniques, water confidence, water safety, basic water survival and basic water rescue in a most enjoyable and fun way.  There are altogether 6 awards to be given out to students completing the 6 stages.

Here are the current SwimSafer Award Levels:

Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, SwimSafer Bronze, SwimSafer Silver, SwimSafer Gold

Stroke Techniques
As your child progresses with his/her training, they are expected to improve on their stroking. As their motor skills coordination & mental comprehension improves, so should their ability to learn and change to a more fluid and efficient stroke. Our Coaches will prepare them with special drill sets just for this purpose!

Water Confidence
Stages1-3 introduces water to children in a fun filled way.

Water Safety
Children will be taught and reminded constantly throughout all the stages about the appropriate behaviour to adopt whenever they are near a body of water.

Water Survival
Water Survival Skills are meant to prepare all swimmers for the worst-case scenarios.  Students will not only learn how to put on a Lifejacket but also how to use it effectively to prevent injury. Many survival tips and real life incidents will be shared among all.

Water Rescue
What if your friend or a loved one is drowning? Will you know exactly how to react when you are presented with this situation? Pick up Water Rescue tips to prevent yourself from becoming a victim in the end!

Coach Eugene Chua

Coach Joe Lim

Coach Lim Shiang Li

Coach Eng Sze Yee