Swim Custom


This is where Aquatic Solutions truly displays its magic. Every swimmer is a unique individual with different needs, different abilities and/or disabilities. For swimmers of varying levels of skill, you can opt to be slotted in to SwimSafer or simply let us know exactly the kind of specialized training that you need. Our team of coaches will plan and discuss with you on the objectives before you decide to begin training.

Almost everyone thinks they can swim a certain stroke, but are they swimming it efficiently? How many kicks or arm strokes does it take you to swim from one end of the pool to the other? Too many? Aleksandr Vladimirovich Popov, former Russian Olympic Gold Medalist, takes about 23-24 arm strokes per lap. However, understanding that everyone are built differently, 2Bubbles Coaches will not make Aleksandr Vladimirovich's number of arm strokes as your target. We believe that we should train you to be the best You.


How we intend to train you? We use:

  • Video provide our swimmers with visual feedback. We will also show you clips on how good swimmers go about it. Video stroke optimization is used by coaches who are dedicated to help you be your best!
  • Drill Sets tailored to fit to your needs. Children and competitive athletes will be drilled in more unique stages to adjust to the required results.
  • Equipment usage is the norm for all dedicated Coaches.  However, 2Bubbles’ Coaches not only utilize kickboads, paddles and fins, but we’ll even provide safety devices (for open water training), kick depth limiter device, etc. We are dedicated to get you there faster!
  • Explaination and bilateral feedback to our students is very important to the student-coach relationship. Our Coaches are experienced enough to explain why our human anatomy affects related movements, how to make it better and when to execute exactly what

Coach Eugene Chua

Coach Joe Lim

Coach Lim Shiang Li

Coach Eng Sze Yee