Swimsafer Test Level 2

Entries & Exits

Perform a step-in entry.

Sculling & Body Orientation

Demonstrate sculling in an upright position for 10 seconds with arms only Demonstrate the ability to change direction on command.

Underwater Skills

Search for and recover an object in chest deep water depth. Demonstrate a feet-first surface dive (without googles).

Movement /  Swimming / Strokes

Swim 25m any stroke:

  • Breaststroke Front Crawl Swim wearing clothing for 15m
  • Backstroke Survival Backstroke.

Survival & Activity Skills

Demonstrate flotation survival technique for 1 minute. Correctly fit a PFD, jump into the water and swim for 5 meters and climb out of deep water.


Water safety rules in various aquatic environments.


Coach Eugene Chua

Coach Joe Lim

Coach Lim Shiang Li

Coach Eng Sze Yee